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About Us

Sunaholic Stays is a hospitality company that goes beyond the basics of just simple accommodations. We pride ourselves in focusing on short-term and long-term stays with emphasis on the right level of simplicity and functionality. 

When you choose any one of our Sunaholic Stays, we guarantee you’ll find unmatched comfort and relaxation in the smallest details. Our spacious environments allow you to feel at home, featuring fully equipped kitchens, free wi-fi, free parkings and pools.


The main goal of our company is to provide you with holiday accommodations that perfectly match your lifestyle and budget, making your holidays in Cyprus the best you’ve ever had!


Sunaholic Stays is a vision that encompasses travel with suited luxury for today’s millenials, and also the contemporary generation. We strive hard to offer you the best of service in the surroundings of Mother Nature, that will allure you to visit Cyprus again and again! Gone are the times when you would want to hunt a beach facing hotel or villas, Luxury villas stay have tastefully well curated villas that can make your trip epic. Carving out memories with us is what we aim for with our guests. Come, visit us to let you bundle your vacation to a full packed adventure along with a soothing wellness of your being.

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